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Why ditch coffee? Here's what caffeine REALLY does to your body...

Imagine you're working late, andsome guy named Jeff is supposed to relieve you. Jeff should be here any minute...

At this point, you're overworked, you're tired, and you're ready to be done. Jeff needs to get his butt over here...

Now in this situation, taking caffeine would be like someone blocking Jeff at the door

You're still just as tired, but you aren't getting the message that Jeff is here, so you just keep working. 

That's because caffeine doesn't give you "cellular energy", it just blocks the signal your body uses to say "it's time to be done!"

You keep getting more tired, even if you don't realize it at first...


My name is Eric Raum, the founder of CacaoFit, and after learning the truth about coffee, I set out to find something better.

That's how I came across the curious history of "cacao".

Raw Cacao comes from the same beans used to make chocolate…

The difference is,Raw Cacao hasn’t been roasted to a crisp like the cocoa powder you find in regular chocolate bars. 

This is important, because it means all the beneficial compounds found inside the raw plant haven’t been burnt away…

Cacao contains theobromine, and other natural compoundsshown to help increase cellular energy (instead of just blocking your body's "tired signal"). 

Cacao even has a super power coffee doesn't have: Anandamide. 

This little compound has been called the “bliss molecule”, responsible for those feelings of bliss that go far beyond just feeling “happy”.... (um, yes please)

So my wife, Eliza, and I had an idea. What if we took premium, organic Raw Cacao…

And mixed it with the most promising superfoods from my research, like Lion's Mane Mushroom, Cinnamon, and more.

And created a healthy drink to help us get rid of coffee while connecting with our purpose...

We tested dozens of different ratios of ingredients, balancing researched amounts with a flavor we loved.

The result is a delicious drink powder that will replace your coffee, without the crash or jitters.

It's called CacaoFit....

CacaoFit is a premium, chocolatey powdered drink blend you can simply stir into a hot liquid of your choice in the morning.

This makes one of the best "hot chocolates" you've had, without the sugar, and only about 40 calories per serving.

CacaoFit is lightly sweetened with Monk Fruit, and finished with a dash of Organic Cinnamon and Himalayan Sea Salt...

There is about 13mg of caffeine in a serving of CacaoFit, vs the 90mg+ in a cup of coffee.

And yet, the other beneficial ingredients in CacaoFit help support your energy at the cellular level, so you stay YOU all day, without the crash.

After seeing how CacaoFit helped improve our lives, and the lives of those we shared it with, we knew we had to let more people know…

You are probably all-too-familiar with "caffeine-energy". You deserve morethan those jittery, tired hours spent on "borrowed time". 

There are seasons in your life, and it's time to close the chapter on coffee and energy drinks. 

Something better is waiting…

Choose yourself todayby clicking the "Get Started" button and checking out on the next page.

The "subscribe" option makes your daily CacaoFit less than $1.50. Hard to find that kind of value at a coffee shop.

So don't wait, go ahead and check out below.



And on top of this, I’m including a special CacaoFit sticker, AND my digital CacaoFit Recipe Book Bundle.

This bundle includes over 50 different CacaoFit recipes, including smoothies, desserts, hot chocolates, and more...

P.S. People have asked what CacaoFit tastes like, it’s kind of like hot chocolate’s more distinguished and wise cousin that has really classy taste… 

You will love it, and if you don’t just send it back my way for a full and fast refund, no questions asked!


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Frequently Asked


Need Help? We've got you covered!

What are the ingredients?

Each serving of CacaoFit contains: Organic Cacao,  Organic MCT (healthy fat that helps gives CacaoFit its creaminess), Cocoa bean for extra chocolate flavor,  Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Turmeric, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Acacia, Natural Vanilla flavor, Monk Fruit Extract, and Himalayan Sea Salt

Does it have caffeine in it?

The organic Cacao will have very little caffeine, around 12mg per serving vs the 90+mg you'll find in a cup of coffee. Instead, Cacao is high in theobromine. This gives you an energized boost without the tell-tale crash of caffeine!

How do I make it?

The fastest way is to mix it with warm milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. But you don't have to stop there... The 3 recipe books included with your order will have you trying CacaoFit smoothies, desserts, and more!

Is this for the bois?

Broski, as a bro myself, I made this with you in mind... Yes, me and the bois all drink this because we are sick of feeling like we reaally need a nap all the time. You know how much easier it is to put up with all of life's BS when you aren't tired? Way, waaaaay easier. It's called the good life, come join us...

Can I order CacaoFit on Amazon?

To keep my prices as low as possible, I am bringing this straight to you with no middle-men. That means you can only buy authentic CacaoFit right here through our online store.

How is this different than Mud Water?

Have you tried Mud Water? Did you actually like it?If so, cool, you should keep supporting them, because that isn't the case for everybody. 

If you want something that has real research behind it, includes the most potent mushroom there is (Lion's Mane),  AND actually tastes good, then you will want CacaoFit

In my personal opinion, you don't have to look much further than the name... CacaoFit tastes like Cacao. Mud Water? I'll let you decide...

One more note, Mud Water sells their "coconut creamer" and their "natural sweetener" as separate add-ons that cost extra.  

Our coconut and natural sweetener ingredients are an integral part of what makes our product taste so good...

We can't imagine making you pay extra for them. 


Is there a one-time option?

They say that Rome wasn't built in a day... And so many of the habits you have built up from years of living life with your "feel-good tank" on empty have developed over time. As much as I wish you could take one sip of CacaoFit and have all your problems disappear, the truth is it takes time to undo all the "stuff" that's been holding you back

That's why I strongly encourage you to be a part of our CacaoFit Crew, and get your monthly care package. If you read this letter, then you KNOW the time for change is now, and you have a clear path forward...

The worst thing you can do is derail that progress by "seeing what happens", that is, going into this new season already full of doubt!

Believe in yourself, and believe in the power of the research behind these ingredients! Let CacaoFit into your life and accept the positive change!

That said, I don't want to lose someone who is on the fence of changing their life... So we do offer single jar options on our regular website, found here: store.sempora.co

How many calories does it have? Gluten? Vegan? Keto?

CacaoFit has about 40 calories per serving, with most of these coming from the healthy fats, like Cacao, Coconut powder, and MCT. 

It has zero sugar, zero gluten, and is Keto and Vegan friendly!